I hope you all heard about the Design an Island Contest going on in Poptropica. So why don’t we have a contest of our own?
So what you have to do is simple.
Complete the new and improved 24 Carrot Island!

It’s not that easy to cheat.
Just send a picture of you wearing the 24 Carrot Medallion, and post it using Poptropica Avatar Creater..
Don’t know what that is? I’ll tell you in a separate post, but for now, the rules…
1. I check Google. don’t use a photo that isn’t your own or you will be disqualified.
2. The photo must be from Avatar Creator.
3. Include your name at the bottom.
4. To let me know you posted an entry, post a comment on this post and I will like the post if it meets my requirements. You’ve got till 15th September and the winner will be announced afterwards.

The prizes!

First Prize A place in my next We Know You! post, cheats of your requests, and an edit of your avatar.
Second Prize An edit, and a shoutout.
Third Prize shoutout.
(Your name will be put in a draw, that’s how we choose the winners)


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