Sorry I have not posted in two months, but to make up for it….

I am having a HALLOWEEN PARTY!!

It’s gonna run over a couple days, cause I was planning to have it on the 31st but you guys would all be out doing Tricks or Treats, so its gonna run over a couple days (NOT the 31st tho)

So, the room code is gonna change every day, so I will be sure to update you on that!


The days it will run over are the 28th (starting at 6:00pm (UK) or 1:00pm (US) and end one hour later)


And it will end on the 30th (at the same time – except since its Halloween night the next day we’ll end it two hours later)


You must make SURE you are up to date on this –

* Have the MULTIVERSE card – it’s not gonna work without it even if you are joining a room

* Wear a Halloween costume – these are quite expensive in the store so all you have to do to get one for free is complete the HAUNTED HOUSE gold card witch is free (I spelt it like that on purpose) and customise either the zombie or the people

* The Halloween party WILL END EARLY  if the following happens…

I – Nobody is left – otherwise there is nobody left except me

II – I need to leave early but if I do I will post some promo codes/cheats/gifts for you guys – halloween themed of course!

* LAST THING – If you are turning up – leave an RSVP below…







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