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If you are reading this, and you like my blog, PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS!! I’m just a girl wanting to make a famous Poptropica blog! I want my really fast computer LAGGING with the amount of people joining my party. When I did common room visits, I was able to kid myself that the people …

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Awwwwwww :(

I’m sick my little babies 😦 So I won’t be on Poptropica! 😥 And no posts D’: I know. You are sad. But, it’s ok! I will be back on ASAP! Oh, and the Halloween party is NOT cancelled! I’ll be well by then. Is just a very very bad cold. Love you my babies! …

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To all Poptropican’s

to all the people who visited me last night… THANK YOU!!! I played a LOT of games with you guys last night! I made friends with a couple of you too! Remember: I will only have common room visits on my Friendly Boot account. Read post for details. -Tall Cloud

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