Cheats For Night Watch!

When you first land on the island, you get a kind of Hollywood feel. But that’s not what this island is all about.

First of all, you can’t go left, only right. Yep, you guessed it. Go right.

You’ll notice a long line of people. They’re waiting to get into Twin Palms Mall, the cantered building and the place where most of the island takes place.

The first guy (with headphones) tells you he buys everything that MacGuffin (made up brand) makes, then sells it on the internet.

The second girl (redhead) tell you she waited three weeks just to buy a voice activated toilet paper.

The third guy just wants the new MacGuffin gadget.

The fourth girl (in the tent) tells you its for MacGuffin super fans only (haha)

The fifth girl tells you she never gets there before the old people.

I think the old people are just bored.

Then you reach the entrance. It’s night-time, and the Mall is closed. Head right to the security door. Click the red button, and a man will tell you the mall doesn’t open until 7am. Sigh.

Continue to the right to find a crying security guard in the parking lot. (you find out in the clock that its 9:02pm) Talk to the crying guard and he’ll tell you that he’s been fired after 10 years on the job, and that the mall’s not safe. Then he goes off to the right. Keep heading right until you get to the PrintFax car. Talk to the guy in front, and he’ll tell you that its just to bad about Gus, but the stress of the job must have been too much.

Go right (yet again) until you get to the man with a Yankees hat. He’s the owner of the Sluggers store. He suggests that you talk to the mall manager and apply for the night watch job.

Go back to the main area (the one with the line of people) and ring the red security button again.

The man will ask if you’re here for the night watch job. You say “Sure, I guess so.” The man comments that you lack enthusiasm but he lets you in anyway.

You are greeted by a woman in a pink cardigan, the manager. She tells you she had to let the last man go because he kept seeing and hearing things that weren’t there. She leads you into a room and tells you you need sharp eyes for the job. And the game begins.

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 11.25.17

You have to study the photo, then click next, and spot the 5 differences. Here they are below…

1. Dr Hare T-Shirt sign

2. Turquoise belt on wall

3. Disco Ball

4. Yellow Star on T-Shirt

5. Jeans on floor point different way

Then she’ll ask you if you can handle some real life situations. She tells you to get on the bike to the right (a segway) and she’ll tell you to patrol the mall for trouble. (She’ll also say she will be walking behind you to make sure you don’t mess up to bad)

First of all, there are two ‘children’ in front of the Chinese food kiosk. Click on them to tell them ‘No loitering.’

Continue to the right to find a Granny. Say hi, then continue to the right and stop the boy running up the escalators.

Run back to the left and you’ll see a robot man after Granny’s purse! Run after him!

You run after him on your own and accidentally break the robot! But its okay, the manager says she’ll clean up and tells you to go back to the office for your shift. Put on your badge and walk over to the computer. Oh no, there’s an alert in MacGuffins! Enter the mall, go right, enter the elevator (turn up volume) and enter it again. It should be the first shop to your right. Enter.

Go left to the massage chair and click it. You will find a smartphone, where Home would like to speak with you. Click answer.

He will tell you to keep the phone and how to use it. Leave MacGuffins, and right away your phone has an alert. Click the phone to see the alert. Look like there’s some upturned boxes and a football helmet.

Gus suddenly rings and suggests you might call the Sluggers owner.
So call him. He tells you to quickly check if his Honus Wager baseball card, supposedly the most valuable in the world, is okay. He tells you he keeps it in a safe behind the baseball statue and that the combination is 6723.
You don’t really need to do anything hard. Just (find and) enter the Sluggers Store, and click the giant gold statue. You will move it, revealing a safe. Type the code (6723) the safe will open, and you will grab the the card.
Call the owner and he’s relieved it’s still there. And no, you can’t keep the card, you have to put it back.
Head back to the Mall Atrium (the place with the log and snail rides) and once again, you get an alert. This time it’s at Giuseppe’s toy store. Steer the camera to the overhead light, which appears to be on! Run to Mall Left and jump to the 3rd floor. Head left and enter Giuseppe’s Toy Store.
There are two things you need 1) the red toy bird next to the cage near the door 2) To the right, there is a toy robot. Seems he might be the culprit of setting off the lights.
Exit and head back to Atrium.
You get ANOTHER alert! Hey, man, no relaxing on the job! Anyway, this time it’s at the Sizzle Tanning Salon. Point the camera at the left tanning bed. Gus tells you he knows what’s going on, but you wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it. Hmmmmm….
Run into the tanning shop, which is on Mall Right, on 1st floor.
Now for the moment of truth. Click the left tanning bed. Oh no. It’s…..
Just an overly tanned woman asking for a few more minutes.
Leave the store. (Honestly, time wasters) when you get another alert from Good Deal Electronics. Scan your camera round. Hmm, nothing so far…and then BAM! The signal is lost!!
Head to the shop (Mall Right, 3rd Floor) and enter. Head to the left, and your phone will ring again. It’s Gus. (Again x2) he tells you he swore he saw someone in the Mall. (This is strange. Gus has been fired, and would be trespassing if he was inside.) It’s strange how Gus always knows what’s going on. Now, your eligible to think Gus is lying, considering his past with hearing and seeing things.
Exit and head to Atrium to do some fake patrolling because your phone keeps ringing.
Surprise! Your phone has an alert. It’s from Crawl Mart, the pet shop. Move your camera to the far right, and Gus tells you the coral snake is missing!
Call the Pet Shop Owner. (Have you noticed this is like video chat) The owner tells you he might just be hiding behind his rock. Head to Crawl Mart (Mall left, First Floor) and head to his tank. Yep, the rascal’s missing! The owner says you might get him with his favourite snack, just don’t use a store bird. This might sound confusing to you. But believe it or not, his favourite food is birds.
Leave the store. There are three places to look…
MacGuffins-Pocket Size Potty
Sizzle Tanning-right tanning bed
You’ll finally find him hiding behind the counter of Chinese Food Kiosk. He’s too quick for you, but he will come out if you place the Toy Bird on the floor. He will eat it am run away. The store owner says he’ll get him in the morning.
Head to Mall Right.
ALERT!! Carnival Costumes! (Gosh, they have everything in this Mall) Check the camera and you lose signal again. Enter Carnival Costumes (3rd Floor, Mall Right) and head to the far left. There’s two costumes. A cop, and a robber! How cool! Hey, wait a second…..THE ROBBERS REAL!!! He will knock you over prior to his escape.
Gus calls. He tells you he’s probably after the new Quick Charger Gadget. He tells you to go into MacGuffin’s and hide, maybe you could ambush the thief.
Enter MacGuffin’s. You will stand there for a minute, and then decide you need a place to hide. You’ll hide in the corner. Then the lights go out! Oooh, the suspense! Then the robber emerged from the left. You will go “Aha!” And surprise the thief. He will run away, and in his haste drop a Back Room Key. Pick it up and go to Good Deal Electronics (on the same floor, to the right of MacGuffins) and go left until you reach the ‘Employees Only’ door. Use your key. You find it is too dark to see (when you stop moving the lights turn out) and you need something to keep them on. Pity your Poptropican doesn’t have night vision. Place your robot toy down, if should keep them on. Remember how it set off the lights in the toy store?
Use your key again. This time, the door will unlock. Inside, you’ll see an apartment background, probably for an advert. On the TV table, there’s a pile of papers. Click them, and you’ll see a new store application! The new store is to be opened by the PrintFax owner. Why does he want another store?
Gus call you, and suggests you might check out PrintFax. It’s located in Mall Left, third floor.
As you reach the third floor, the robber appears in a security golf car, rides down escalators, and heads to Atrium.
Don’t follow him yet. Gus tells you there’s another one in the Managers Office you could use to chase after him. He gives you a list of possible passwords, the real one is FROST. The office is located on Mall Atrium, 2nd Floor.
Enter the password and all that. (Frost) Unfortunately, it needs charged. Just like your iPhone. Not charged when you really, really need it. But this time you’re not checking FaceBook. You’re chasing after a robber!!!!
How are we supposed to charge it quickly? Hmm….oh wait! No…….hmmmmmm…..
*After many months*
Hmmmmmmm…..I’VE GOT IT!
Head to MacGuffin’s, grab the quick charger, and use it on the scooter. YAHOO! But, it’s melted. $400.00 for that? It didn’t one-use on the packet!
Hop on the scooter. Enter Mall Right, then go back to Atrium. Head to the far left escalator, and wait on the thief, you’ll chase after him, but then you realise…it’s a robot!
Gus rings to say he hoped you weren’t hoping for a long career in night watching. Thanks Gus, you’re a real friend.
Go to Mall Right, and sulk.
But wait! An alert! There hasn’t been one all day!
It’s in PrintFax. Head there (Mall Left, 3rd Floor) and click the left photocopier. Select Menu, then reprint last scan. It’s a copy of Slugger’s limited edition world class most expensive famous baseball card. Time to return to Sluggers! Lets see if the cards still there! To be even more convenient, there’s another alert, nah, I’m just kidding. Click the statue. Uh-oh.
Looks like the safe fell OUT of the wall, INTO the floor below. Enter!!!!
Wait no! You must get something! There is a blowtorch behind the painting in the Managers Office. Grab it, then you may go.
You see the thief, but he runs away. Go after him. But wait, there’s a red obstacle blocking your way. Use the blowtorch (space bar, then click the red barrier) to get through.
This a really tricky maze. You can get through it ok with patience. It is a virtue after all.
Keep going. If you’re on the right track, you shod see a fan blowing you up to the next level. To your left is a switch, marked A/C. Torch it. The thief will say that it’s not over yet. Gulp.
Find your way through the vents again. You should reach a ladder, but the thief blocks the way up to him. But it’s ok.
Blowtorch the long beige obstacle to your left, climb the vent and through the other way. He jumps down, but there’s no A/C so he drops the card. You grab it, and you both drop down into Mall Atrium fountain! Looks like he’s gonna run away again. Ugh. But no, the snake appears and knocks you both to the ground, revealing the cops! They reveal the theif.
DR HARE? Kidding. It’s PrintFax owner.
Hope you guys enjoyed my first cheat post. Lots of blood sweat and tears went into this (not really) *sniff sniff* use them to complete the Night Watch! DUH.
This has been my fave island.


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